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Midwest Plumbing is a local, Michigan owned plumbing company with over 25 years of combined plumbing experience. Offering services in both the residential and commercial market, Midwest Plumbing specializes in new construction and remodeling, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified plumbing systems, and plumbing repair services. Fully licensed and insured in the State of Michigan, owner Matt Daniels is an expert Master Plumber, with over 12 years of personal experience.

Our Goal

The goal of Midwest Plumbing is to provide each customer with a smooth and pleasant experience. We understand that most of the time we are called to your home, we’re there because there is something wrong. When we arrive we take the time to diagnose the problem and educate the consumer on the source and cause of the problem, then provide a cost effective and efficient solution to the issue. And pricing with Midwest Plumbing is made simple through our “Up Front Pricing”. Providing the customer with a total cost before the work begins, each customer can be feel at ease that they won’t have to watch the clock adding up a bill in their mind as the time goes by. Our clients appreciate this as it gives them piece of mind, and this allows our technicians to complete the work in the most efficient manner they are capable without the worry of
“hurrying up”.

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